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Anne Noble

Anne Noble is one of New Zealand’s most acclaimed contemporary photographers. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including a New Zealand Order of Merit for Services to Photography in 2003, USA National Science Foundation Artists and Writers Award in 2008, New Zealand Arts Foundation Laureate Award, 2009 and a Fulbright fellowship at Columbia College Chicago, 2014. In 2015 Noble won the prestigious Overseas Photographer Award at the 31st Higashikawa Awards, Hokkaido, Japan. She is Professor of Fine Arts at Massey University, Wellington and a beekeeper.

A result of a newfound passion for beekeeping, Noble has become “preoccupied with learning about bees and understanding the hive, how it functions and its significance for the larger ecosystem that we are a part of.” Her most recent photographic project centres on her concerns over the worldwide decline of the honeybee, which has been her major focus since 2013. Noble has since produced several beautifully haunting and elegiac series that remind the viewer of the importance of our relationship to the natural world.