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Aaron Fell-Fracasso

Aaron Fell-Fracasso makes tools to enact painted marks. His dynamic compositions involve colour blocking, pattern generation and direct gesture. Loading colour on studio-made implements, he drags substance across surface. A distinctive painterly expression is repeated and referenced at different scales. Key moves include monolith shapes moving like dust clouds over scumbled and complex surfaces and chunky opaque textures surrendering to gloss. Muted warm greys push back on areas of more vivid colour. The abstraction explored by Fell-Fracasso offers serious thinking while encouraging visual play. Within this moving ground is the potential for original thought and subtle emotional states. In parallel, the works as a grouping reveal a battle between the completion of a piece and the open possibilities of non-objective art. There is a vitality in Fell-Fracasso’s work that suggests that painting is an endless project.

Aaron Fell-Fracasso studied Visual Arts at the University of Wollongong. He has extensive experience as a painter and an independent curator. His work has been a finalist in numerous art prizes and is held in the University of Wollongong Collection.