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Aaron Waghorn

Wellington based emerging artist Aaron Waghorn creates paintings that draw inspiration from the media that surrounds us. Through reading books, watching film, listening to music, browsing the internet or flicking through magazines, Waghorn, like us all, experiences a fast paced impression of the world in vivid colour and clashing concepts. Talking to this dramatic intersect, he colourfully re-represents this loud and abrasive language in transecting colour, motif and line.

Colour circles and rays feature throughout Waghorn’s work, motifs the artist calls ‘abstract interruptions. Colour blocks are another recurring theme which are open to interpretation, but could be considered as doorways, an architectural reference or a clashing between oldand new. Waghorn’s juxtaposition of monochromatic and two colour imagery is a techniquewhich recalls 2nd or 3rd state silk screens, used by artists of the Pop Movement. Waghorn’stitles often refer to the names of songs written by popular musicians, emphasising the Pop influence in his work.

Aaron Waghorn graduated with a BFA from Quay School of the Arts, Wanganui in 2001. Waghorn was a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards, 2015, Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award, 2016, and the Parkin Prize in 2016.