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Alexander Bartleet

Alexander Bartleet, a 2008 AUT graduate, who has recently completed his Masters, is an emerging New Zealand artist whose works have captured the attention of many critics and art lovers since his arrival. He was a finalist in the Wallace Awards in 2011 and 2012, won the BMW and Mazda Art Emerging artist awards in 2007 and 2008, won the Waiheke Small Sculpture Award 2014, and more recently the Wallace Trust Premier Post Graduate Award. He has also featured in the summer 2012/2013 issue of Art New Zealand magazine, where the writer Don Abbott intuitively states: “There is a quasi- scientific undertone to Bartleet’s practice, as he assembles, assesses, and puts the items in place; each piece is a mini-museum of objects and their history. Randomness is curated and presented to reflect perfectly the messiness of life, and the unreliability of memory. These memories are collected, compressed and composted and what stems from this is culture. Not an official culture, defined by a website that ends with govt.nz, or a folk culture, manufactured by the media. No, this is a real, local culture, one that lives in the interactions between us and the people and things around us.”

This year Bartleet will also be completing and exhibiting a tower shaped sculpture similar to the work assembled with “found object” tools which won the Wallace Trust Premier Post Graduate Award.