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Amber Emm

Auckland based painter Amber Emm produces detailed photo realist works that play with notions of focus. Emm blanks out portions of her scenes to focus the viewer’s eye on the finer details we often miss. Emm’s bouquets are immediately alluring with their immense attention to detail and dramatic chiaroscuro.

Amber Emm’s recent series takes a critical lens to endangered endemic plants and floriculture. Her incorporation of bee and honeycomb motifs makes reference to the use of uncontrolled pesticides and the continuation of deforestation in relation to the dramatic and concerning decline in bee populations.

Emm’s fine rendering of details and lighting effects has led her to win accolades in the domain of photo realism. Awards include 2008 “New Zealand’s Favourite Artist” by Denise Robinson, Winner of the “People’s Choice Award” at the Nautical Art Exhibition- Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and 2004 Winner of the “Laurie Coons Award for Landscape”, North Shore Art Awards.

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