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Ann Robinson

Ann Robinson is a leading New Zealand cast glass artist. Her work has been exhibited widely and is held in a large number of prestigious collections worldwide.

Robinson’s mastery of the technique has given her outstanding control of the medium and has seen her organically influenced vessels and sculptural forms become increasingly refined over time. She draws on inspiration from the natural environment and incorporates the geometries of seed pods, leaf forms and growth patterns into her cast glass pieces.

Sculpted contours, rich graduations of colour and refined surface finishes combine to create commanding works.  Robinson attributes her understanding and perception of colour to the sharp, clear quality of New Zealand’s light, and its ever-changing weather patterns.

The way in which each of Robinson’s sculptures absorb and emit light transforms these inanimate objects into living things, reflecting the play of light and shadow in the natural world. Her mixture of materials, which includes up to 45% lead crystal, contributes to the work’s luminosity and intensity of colour.

Robinson’s works are held in both private and public collections, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Te Papa, Wellington and the Christchurch Art Gallery.

On 10th November this year, Ann Robinson and Terry Stringer will be exhibiting a body of new works at ARTIS Gallery.