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Anna Korver

Taranaki based artist Anna Korver produces sculpture in the mediums of bronze, steel, glass, marble, granite, basalt and timber. Korver’s forms are minimalist and display a sense of balance, symmetry and strength, striving to reflect the inner self. Korver works on both large and small scale, with common motifs including the figure, staircases, the cube, vessels and sections of the landscape.

Korver’s work explores and questions traditional feminine roles, her works present compelling dualities of masculinity and femininity, where both sides are in balance. Fragility is celebrated instead of seen as a weakness, reflecting on feminism’s advocacy for equality for both genders. Her approach to the figure shows an interest in the human experience, aiming to capture a range of perspectives both literal and metaphorical; internalised and externalised.

The relationship between architecture and the human experience is a recurring theme in Korver’s work. Her pieces explore the ways in which one affects the other both subconsciously and consciously. In such works, Korver explores the idea of home as an abstract term sometimes inspiring a feeling of separation, restriction or entrapment, armament and defense; and other times an escape, shelter, sanctuary or protection.

Anna Korver completed a BFA in sculpture from the University of Canterbury in 2003. Korver works nationally and internationally on exhibition work and private and public commissions. She has won numerous accolades for her work including being named a finalist in the Wallace awards (2016 and 2018).

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