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Bruce Stilwell

Mixed Media artist Bruce Stilwell produces technically meticulous fibre works with velvet and threads. Through his work, Stilwell explores the mathematical beauty that underpins the structure of our visual world.

Stilwell’s works showcase the beauty that can come from a methodical and precise hand. To create a work, Stilwell embarks on the painstaking process of connecting points with thread, using the principles of concentric circles, parabolic curves and ellipses. The results transcend their geometric fundamentals becoming compelling images that invite closer inspection.

The choice of thread colour against the base board creates a sense of illumination across the forms. The shapes seem to hover and shine within their frame, giving them a luminescent presence.

Bruce Stilwell was born in the small town of Otematata. He draws on a background as a carpenter and joiner, which no doubt provided him with a solid foundation in construction and design. He came to Fine Art later in life but found quick success with his unique style. Stilwell has been awarded a category prize at the Changing Threads Contemporary Fibre Art Awards, the Brendan Foot Signature Award at the New Zealand Art Show and the Aspiring Art Prize Award.

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