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Chauncey Flay

Born in New Plymouth, Chauncey Flay attended AUT in the late 90’s before going on to have a family and a career in the marketing sector. During this time, Flay was based in Auckland followed by the Pacific Islands, before returning home to New Plymouth at the start of 2017.

Working as a sculptor, Flay employs a number of different materials, most often sourced directly by the artist from locations of personal significance. Coral (dead and acquired with CITES permits), greywacke, argillite and obsidian are sourced and taken back to Flay’s studio. Each material holds a unique history, developed and memorised in the material itself, of environmental change, time and stress.

Manipulating the natural materials through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, cleaning, faceting and polishing various faces of the works Flay’s works seek harmony and notions of wabi sabi.