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Davis Birks

Mexican Based (Puerto Vallarta) Interlude Artist

“During the time my childhood friends contemplated a life as policemen, astronauts, firemen or rock stars, I had by the age of 9 decided I would dedicate my life to making art. Over the years I have gravitated towards an experimental, investigative approach to my work as have many artists of my generation who search for a way to assimilate the complexities of contemporary life. My work is a heuristic exploration that questions how we relate to each other and our environment. I develop my projects with an interest in aesthetic, social and historical relationships.” –Davis Birks

Born in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A in 1957, Davis Birks graduated in 1986 with a BFA from Arizona State University, summa cum laude, and since has lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Birks has exhibited and worked on innumerable solo and group exhibitions since 1987, in Mexico, US and Europe, and is a highly active and collected artist in collections such as that of the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, USA, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, USA, Museum of Fine Arts, Guadalajara, Mexico, Museo de Arte Contémporaneo Alfredo Zalce, Michoacán, Mexico, Casa de la Culutura Alfon- so Michel, Colima, Mexico, Instituto de Cultura, Morelos, Mexico, Secretaria de Cultura del Distrito Federal, Mexico, Pinoteca Diego Rivera, Veracruz, Mexico, Casa de la Cultura de Baja California Sur, Mexico, Dimitris Gigourtakis Collection, Athens, Karen and Robert Duncan Collection, USA, Kathy and Marc LeBaron Collection, USA… to name a few.