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Elizabeth Rees

Elizabeth Rees is a leading New Zealand contemporary artist with a career spanning nearly thirty years.

Rees’ works explore relationships between the body, the mind and the environment in which we exist. Early in her career, her works depicted the human form in motion – moving towards, or away from the unknown.

In recent years the human presence is minimal in her moody landscapes that have a psychological element. Rees paints on carefully primed canvases, enhancing the luminous qualities of oil paint.

The most mundane aspects of our lives are often majestic – if we only knew it.  We live in such overwhelming beauty and we so often take it for granted and never stop to take it in. Walking dogs on the beach, meeting friends in our extended back yards, participating in the most prosaic day to day stuff – is to participate in a world of natural splendour. 

My paintings I hope will convey just a thought about beauty – and its omnipresence for all of us here – on our doorstep and fundamentally a part of us.”

In 2017 the book ‘Elizabeth Rees – I Paint’, by Don Abbott’, was published.  A second edition of this publication is due in 2021, in conjunction with her next exhibition at ARTIS Gallery.