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Elizabeth Thomson

One of New Zealand’s foremost artists, Thomson has, for twenty years, created exquisitely crafted works that explore the interplay between art and science. She is interested in repetitive pattern, looking to the abstract, formal and the harmonious but at the same time intrigued with the ruptures and disjunctions of the natural world. Most recently she has created mesmerising works that dissolve boundaries and integrate the mediums of painting, sculpture, and photography.

Thomson exhibits widely throughout New Zealand with a major survey exhibition at Wellington City Gallery, my hi-fi my sci-fi, 2006. A major installation Invitation to Openness – Substantive and Transitive States, was shown at The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington 2014, and toured to other venues around New Zealand. She was one of nine invited artists in the travelling exhibition Kermadec (2011), with works being shown in major venues around New Zealand, Tonga, Chile and Easter Island (Rapa Nui).