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Gemma Smith

(b. 1978 Sydney, AU)

Gemma Smith has developed a truly unique painterly language over her 20 year career. Through her characteristically experimental painting process, Smith continues to problematise her own practice in order to extend the possibilities of compositional logic, colour dialogue and visual perception. Through intensive enquiry into colour theory and abstraction, Smith’s practice to date has encompassed painting, sculpture and collage, making visible the juncture between painting and sculpture. The painted surface continues to sustain Smith’s practice. It is both problem and possibility; a place of reckoning. To date, Smith has teased out many curious possibilities for the surface that grapple with its original flatness. Always abstract, Smith’s paintings present complex spatial environments as supremely flat surfaces, worked and reworked with sophisticated and varied brushwork. A true colourist, Smith experiments with the collusion and composition of colour and gesture formally, resulting in thorough optical workouts; the act of looking is never passive when encountering Smith’s work.

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