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Hye Rim Lee

Hye Rim Lee is a Korean New Zealand artist. Her 3D animation questions new technology’s role in image making and representation. Her work has developed and grown with critical exploration and conceptually evolving through representation of TOKI character in her ongoing TOKI/Cyborg Project since 2002. Her work is ambitious, expansive and conceptually and technically honed: each new project surpassing the previous genesis of TOKI.

“Crystal City Spun,” is a spectacle of sexually charged stimuli, which opens with a cityscape of spinning dildo towers. Out of the landscape emerges Dragon YONG, a vehicle for fantasy exploration by, TOKI, a highly stylized curvaceous, warrior-cum-vixen who draws upon the Japanese tradition of Manga, Korean animamix and Western ideals of sexuality and beauty. TOKI exists in a fantasyland ripe with testosterone-driven energy. The print that comprise “Crystal City”- image derived from the 3D animation video, “Crystal City Spun”- have a playful, childlike quality alluding to fantasy and toys such as pink bunny rabbits and digitally exaggerated reflections. But at the same time, Lee explores sexual innuendo, and plays with varying degrees of sexuality and sexual expression both with imagery and color. The prints utilize the latest techniques in 3D digital technology creating some characters in “crystal” structure, lending these prints a delicacy and elegance. Crystal City is a fantasyland where dream and reality mix.. “Crystal City” is a project in which cyberculture and contemporary myth-making intersect.