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Iqi Qoror

Born in 1984, Surabaya – Indonesia.

Graduated from Tenth November Institute Of Technology (ITS), Surabaya Bachelor of Industrial Design (2002-2007), graduated from Indonesia Institute of The Art, Yogyakarta Master of Fine Art (2010-2012). His works revolve around the questions of trust, interspersed with fragments of modernity, set against his own social experience. “we live in a catastrophic world and I express my response, my scream through my works, and I’m constructing a question of our madness.”

Considering himself as a contemporary artist, Iqi enjoys challenging himself with new mediums, and has decided to focus on charcoal to be his favorite medium., for its many shades. The discussion of strokes from charcoal leads Iqi to his Childhood years when he enjoyed drawing more than painting, and now when He mix the medium between charcoal and paint like unifying himself in the past and the present to create a future.