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Jack Trolove

Jack Trolove’s paintings are an exhilarating marvel to behold, but the brilliance of the colour does not diminish the intensity of the subject, rather it illuminates and awakens it. Within the fat smear of pigment, Jack masterly – magnificently – expresses raw emotion, played out through tensions in tone and shadow.

Since gaining an MFA with distinction from Massey University, Jack has been a finalist in the 2016 and 2017 Wallace Art Awards, winner of the People’s Choice Award, and twice short-listed for London’s BP Portrait Award. Jack’s work is recognised internationally in public and private collections across New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

There is an overtly physical element to Jack’s work and practice. Paint is applied wet and thick, built quickly up and over itself to construct rather than illustrate an image. And the result is a projection of character that is rich and nuanced – something quite remarkable, cast from the rough strokes of pure abstracted colour.

The physicality of his work is extended into his audience. From afar, his paintings delineate raw human experience, whilst close up, they transition into tactile, sculptural works that celebrate and challenge the quality of the paint. In this way his works invite a choreography from viewers as they’re repeatedly drawn closer in and further away.

“I’m exploring the body’s skin as a seal for holding stories, using thick skins of paint to create human skins that slip. Skins that are broken, resealed, and sometimes left open in the figurative and abstracting painting process.” he says.