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Josh Olley

Known primarily for his stunning work carved from stone, Josh Olley creates works expressing his ethical and environmental values.

Olley began carving in 1997, while he was living in Wanaka  – firstly in bone, and with a strong focus to detail and finish. His passion for larger stone sculpture developed as his abilities evolved. Olley discovered the wonderful quality of the stone that was surrounding him in Otago and over the past years his work has transitioned into mainly large works.  He particularly favours Argillite stone for its hard and durable quality – and its ability to hold a fine edge and detail.

Josh Olley was an Arts Gold Award Finalist in 2015 and 2017.  Over the past four years he has exhibited large pieces in Sculpture on the Shore, Devonport, Auckland and Sculpture on the Peninsula, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury. His work is held in collections in New Zealand and overseas, including Te Papa and The Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Josh Olley joined ARTIS Gallery as one of our represented artists in February 2019.