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Julia Morrison

Living and working in Christchurch, Morison has an extensive exhibition history both nationally and internationally. Her latest body of work, Omnium Gatherum, is a playful collection of paintings, drawings and digital prints, which can be hung in any number of combinations connected with a complexity of lines and grids and repeated forms.  The imagery is wonderfully diverse, drawing from her compendium of alchemy, science fiction, and other worlds.   Morison’s work is consistently marked by a sense of vibrancy, delicacy, and unbridled originality.

In 1988 Morison was awarded the Frances Hodgkins Fellowship and in 1990 the Moet & Chandon fellowship and art residency in Epernay, France. She continued to live and work in France until her return to Christchurch in 1999. In 2005 she received an Arts Foundation Laureate award.  In 2006, Julia Morison: a loop around a loop, an important survey of her work, selected by Justin Paton and Felicity Milburn, was presented at The Christchurch Art Gallery and Dunedin Public Art Gallery.   She was included in the 17th Biennale Of Sydney 2010, with a major work, Myriorama #7:Network  installed at the Sydney Opera House. Morison was inducted into the Massey University Hall of Fame in 2012.