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Julius Aryadhita Pramuhendra

J. A. Pramuhendra was born in 1984 in Semarang, Indonesia. He studied art from Institute Technology of Bandung, form Visual Art and Design Department, majoring in Print making in 2007. In 2006 he was awarded as Honorable Mention Drawing Award, 12th International Biennale Print and Drwaing Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and in 2009 he was awarded by Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Hong Kong.

He is an Indonesian artist who paints self-portraits in his works. He is famous for his realistic black and white charcoal paintings. As the other charcoal artists, Pramuhendra usually visualizes his biography on his artworks. Everything he makes always related to his personality; memory of childhood, togetherness and yearning for his family, discomfort and religion’s issues as well.