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Kara Burrows

An artist whose work has direct relevance to events in New Zealand is Christchurch based artist Kara Burrowes.

The earthquakes in Christchurch have left devastating and long-lasting effects on not only the buildings and environment of Christchurch itself but the people as well. While many have left the city, most have stayed and are slowly enjoying a revitalization and renaissance of the city. It is said great art is born from adversity and often it takes time before these prophesies are realised. Literally mountains of timber were created in the city after the demolition of the old and damaged buildings. These “middens” or mountains of timber were comprised in the main of native timbers and were made available for artists. Kara Burrowes state “I have reinterpreted the material into a new dialect of expression, reclassifying and repositioning the timbers into a meaningful object…part of Christchurch has been recycled into the creation of enduring artworks for posterity”.

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