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Kara Burrowes

Christchurch based artist Kara Burrowes creates multi-media works, both assemblage and painting. Burrowes’ work intends to make sense of the complexity of the urban landscape by observation, selection, modification, distortion, deletion and re-organisation.

Her textured assemblage artworks use reclaimed native timbers from earthquake destroyed buildings in her home city of Christchurch. Using these found quality native timbers and reclaimed weatherboards (some painted, some not) she carefully cuts and reassembles thepieces to create a detailed jigsaw or mosaic. As the artist describes, “I have reinterpretedthe material into a new dialect of expression, reclassifying and re-positioning it as alluring and precious. During the creation of each work the material has transferred from brokenwaste to a precious art object”.

Burrowes’ paintings are informed by the urban street-scape. Through the process of building up layers of paint, her work comes to talk to the changing nature of our created spaces and their ephemeral state. Her paintings are not considered complete, rather they are a kind of reinterpretation of what today looks like knowing that our spaces are temporal and continually transforming.

Kara Burrowes was a finalist in the 2017 Wallace Art Awards. Kara Burrowes has exhibited work in New Zealand galleries since 2000 and has works held in private collections throughout Australasia.