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Laura Meza Orozco

Mexican Based (Mexico City) Interlude Artist

“My work is inspired by the Latin American context; what happens in the streets, in the bars, in the cities, in the ballrooms, with its people, at their desks, in their economic crisis, the daily life under- lined with a sense of humor, the political and the poetic, food, gambling, leisure, self-construction. I’m currently working on a project called “La Jocosidad” which aims to claim the party, the meeting, the laughter, the leisure and laziness of a world in constant perpetual change, returning the white cube into a living space and if you can’t dance it’s not my revolution.” -Laura Meza Orozco

Laura Meza Orozco was born 1988 in Mexico City where she is still based as a practicing artist. Having graduated from La Esmeralda, MX, in 2013 with a Bachelor of Visual Artists, she continued her studies at SOMA, MX from 2014-16. Meza Orozco uses humor and political social references in her interdisciplinary work to inspire a personal reflection of the contemporary Latin American context and everyday life.