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Li Xiaoqiao

Li Xiaoqiao is a visual artist from Guangdong province of China, and is based in Macao. His prints, photographs and mixed media works explore his upbringing and identity, as well as the physical, temporal, and psychological aspects of city life.

His current practice explores the physical process and methodology of surface, space and memory through the crossing of media: drawing, printmaking, photography, moving image and projection. He is particularly interested in creating a ‘visual noise’ in images, as a device to attain certain types of meaning such as: darkness, ambiguity, melancholy in perceptually and complicated landscapes.




他目前的实践通过介质的交叉来探索表面、空间和记忆的物理过程和方法,其中包括:绘画,版画,摄影,动画和投影。他对在图像中创造一种“视觉噪音”以达到某种意义的手段非常感兴趣, 比如:黑暗,模糊,感知和复杂景观中的愁绪。

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