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Louise Tuckwell

The idea of limitless combinations of colour, patterns, shapes
and textures, whether simple or complex, is the starting point for
Louise Tuckwell’s vibrant, non-objective paintings. Sparked by an
interest in geometric patterning within the everyday, Tuckwell’s
work searches for a system of balance and harmony – drawing
on the influential algebraic and geometric work of Ancient
Greek mathematician, Euclid. His systems of logic, opposing
axioms and geometry pervade Tuckwell’s intuitive compositions.
Suggestion, surprise and a subtle sense of humour are also
important elements for Tuckwell. Contrastive diagonals, obtuse
colour juxtapositions and subtle perspectival shifts demonstrate
a bold and playfully abstract architectural language.

Louise Tuckwell (b.1963) originally studied at the Julian Ashton
Art School and later graduated from the National Art School.
While painting is Tuckwell’s primary practice she is also well
known for her work with tapestry and recently exhibited as part of
the 2nd Tamworth Textile Triennial which toured Australia.
Tuckwell has been exhibiting her work for over 30 years and has
previously shown with Tim Olsen Gallery, Utopia Gallery and
Damien Minton Gallery.

Tuckwell is represented in the collections of the Museum of
Contemporary Art Australia, Artbank, City of Sydney, New
England Regional Art Museum, Tamworth Art Gallery, Bathurst
Regional Gallery, Allens Linklaters and the Justin House