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Mark Wooller

Mark Wooller’s exhibition and feature wall mural at the last Auckland Art Fair seemed to have been one of the most admired and talked about exhibits. The 45-panel mural, and associated art works all sold either during or just after the Art Fair closed. Since the Art Fair, Wooller’s profile has risen significantly and his exhibition in August this year was the subject of a feature article in the NZ Herald by Arts Editor Dionne Christian. (19.8.2017). Wooller’s series of work was arguably the most relevant at the 2016 show referencing the dynamic between the hugely topical issues of Auckland housing and land subdivision and the effects on the environment. Arts writer and Government Arts Adviser Jill Trevelyan stated in the Herald article… “Wooller’s paintings…. represent our landscape, often feature Te Reo and reference environmental concerns…” Talking about the Wooller paintings purchased for installation in the NZ Governments embassies in China, Rome, Chengdu and Rarotonga, Trevelyan said “we are trying to create a little piece of NZ overseas and promote our culture and identity through our art. We want is to showcase NZ as a sophisticated nation with amazing artists producing work of a very high quality”.

Wooller will be working long hours to produce another feature mural work which will be new and different but compelling in its uniqueness, artistic creativity and NZ originality.

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 Nature of Place, Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

2016 Auckland Art Fair, Auckland

2016 Mapping It Out, Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

2015 Big Garden, Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

2014 The Lie of the Land, Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

2013 The Measure of Things, Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

2013 Auckland Art Fair, Auckland

2012 Road from Eden, Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

2011 The First Post, Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

Exhibited with SOCA Gallery from 1988 – 2008