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Mark Wooller

Matakana based artist Mark Wooller produces oil paintings in a semi-surrealist style featuring the New Zealand bush and landscape. Wooller studies the history associated with various aspects of New Zealand landscape, and in his work he refers to a multitude of ephemera, documentation and historical records. These details enrich the narratives of his pieces.

The balance between human and nature; constancy and change, natural and constructed, have long interested Wooller and he illustrates these contemplations through the contrasts of words and landscape.

Original and correct Māori place names are also important to the artist, who carefully records historical place names, many of which have been misinterpreted over time. Wooller states “The use of place names, and the literal way we read the geography of the landscape, sets up the contrast between the use of English place names and pre-existing names by Māori. The European usage is often a romanticised or commercially based title, whereas the Māori nomenclature refers to a historic and ancestral link.”

Mark Wooller has staged 30 solo exhibitions since 1988 and has work in collections both locally and internationally.