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“…in Mevna’s work we can find a careful selection of hard-to-find facsimiles, images and objects from around the planet in the middle of conceptual and philosophical dialogues where all is connected and has a political weight, where there is always something evil hidden behind (the artist himself tries to be away for his own sake) …self-taught since a child, playing with getting strange jobs, avid reader, odd collector and ranging from taking borrowed elements from the outsider art universe and from the established art world, the resultant work is like ‘life’ itself: macabre and beautiful at the same time.”

Mevna, born Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 1980.

Misanthrope, orphan, ex-investigator of door-to-door salesmanship, slow investigator, pseudo-collector, garbage collector, myopic autodidact, clumsy multidisciplinary craftsman, indigent pimp, alcoholic and drug addict kamikaze, magician, clown, exorcist, occasional transvestite, mascot, pataphysicist … (lover of sleeping, cemeteries, forests, abandoned houses, old books, chickens, turtles, monkeys, cats, boxes, showcases, etc.) His work has been fortunate enough to be exhibited alongside other real works of art; He has done many studies that he has left unfinished, has had publications, individual and collective exhibitions (under pseudonyms) that have gone unnoticed; He has received criticisms, reviews and death threats. He has not received prizes or scholarships. And his work is lost in anonymous collections and landfills. -Dr. Ein Aus. (2002)