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Morts Reports

Morts Reports is a pseudonym employed by painter Roger Mortimer to present his digital practice. Operating in a space between the real and the fictional, the images have their genesis in surf cam images that constantly monitor wave and weather conditions at popular surf beaches around New Zealand. Mort, the lifelong keen surfer, regularly checks these webcams. Mort, the artist, is called to play with the imagery reviewed almost daily. Screenshots, complete with their download dates, are put through a series of translations using various mobile phone applications including OCR (Optical Character Recognition,) Google Translate and a Font app. New visual forms created by the confused aps, not designed to interpret raw visual data, are then imposed by Mort back into the original seascape. The aps also provide the texts that become the titles of the works – random, poetic, prescient and sometimes with a cultural specificity that reflects the language chosen to read the scene. The results are of our world and not; they present a virtual reality at once sublime, enigmatic, alien and strangely cinematic. Shown first on Instagram, they have more recently been printed for exhibition.