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Nadine Spalter

Ceramic artist, Nadine Spalter works with high fired porcelain, using a combination of stains and stoneware glazes in both reduction and oxidation atmospheres to achieve her complex artworks. The pure white of the porcelain medium provides a perfect canvas for the artist’s exploration into colour.

Spalter is inspired by the making process, working against its challenging aspects to find the perfect balance between colour and form. An intriguing dichotomy is achieved in Spalter’s work between a technically flawless finish and small evidences of the maker’s hand.

Spalter’s recent wall-based relief series push the process of hand-throwing porcelain forms in a bold new direction. A process usually applied to the making of larger ceramic objects; Spalter works on a micro scale producing thousands of individually thrown, fired, glazed and waxed ceramic forms. She then carefully curates the outcome on board composing images that come to speak to wider themes such as migration, movement and atomization. These works are equally fascinating up close with their repetition and detail, as they are far away, with their swirling abstraction.

Nadine Spalter’s works can be found in public and private collections predominately in New Zealand. She has been nominated as a finalist for the Wallace Art Awards and accolades in ceramic awards in the category of domestic ware.

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