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Natalie Guy

Guy’s practice is concerned with design and function, currently around pseudo modernist design and artistic creative function while continuing to explore the inherent relationships between objects and the formal interplays between objects in space. Objects are reworked, and reconfigured with the intention of creating a mix of the familiar and the ambiguous. Works cross various media from bronze to glass and wood and have a simplicity in their making that references great European and American artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Isamu Noguchi amongst others. It quietly leverages a mid-century aesthetic, one that seamlessly blends a sensual biomorphism with a clarity and structure that was fundamental to all modernist practice. Guy’s works manage to avoid the mannerism that might befall such a strategy because she attends to the material and to the process aware of what each object deserves. Traces of domestic objects, re-configured and re-cast carry a nostalgia for the warm and familiar and yet these sculptures are constantly bio-morphing away from their reference points towards a modest, more contemporary symbolism.