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Nobuaki Onishi

Nobuaki Onishi was born in Okayama Perfecture in 1972, Japan. He studied art in 1998 and graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts. And he laurated to study in Germany by The Gotoh Memorial Foundation in 2013.

Onishi’s artworks is about a very deep philoshopical thought of “ambiguity” -as a positive state. In order to represent this idea, he has been using the techniques of printmaking and resin casting. These techniques have a paradox in that we can make something original or “individual” but, at the same time, we make reproductions. In other words, they are “ambiguous”.

He draws attention to this fascinating sense of “ambiguity”, and, at the same time, he presents two different states of an object. For example, by using transparent resin and making an exact copy of a leaf, something that was completely unique and natural is changed into transparent plastic. Also, by experimenting with the process of printmaking, reproducible photographs are changed and look like a sand storm. He said that his art-making is all about this positive “ambiguity”.