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Oky Rey Montha

Oky Rey Montha (Kyre) born in 3rd January 1986, Yogyakarta-Indonesia. He studied art and graduated from Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Visual Arts, Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta-Indonesia. Since childhood Kyre familiar with the world of his imagination which was applied notably on drawing paper. Kyre became active in the art world since 2006. He was one of finalist of UOB Painting of the Year in 2011, Jakarta-Indonesia and Five Best Nomine at Bazaar Art Award in 2010.

His artworks is about darkness and macabre imaginary worlds. Imagination derived from social status and the environment into the idea of the concept of each of his works. Any issues regarding personal relationships, family, friendship become his research material for something universal. His creative process is much influenced by horror literature, fairy tales, pop surrealism, and music. Kyre works always contain symbols that are familiar with social development and sometimes he compiled with full color shades, but not infrequently also packed in minimalist colors depending on the mood of the creator. Kyre reason is simple, the way to enter and engage in every age development according to create art to be ‘live’. Citing a sentence that he made some time ago, that art is not about “how”, but “why” art was created.