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Rachael Dewhirst

Auckland based painter Rachael Dewhirst is an emerging artist who produces paintings that can be described as colourist and expressionist in style. Dewhirst’s pieces offer an unexpected rhythmic, with junctions of colour, line and form coming together in a dreamlike vision.

Dewhirst’s approach to painting is without inhibition or restriction. She celebrates the process of painting itself, embracing chance in the creation of colour, shape and form. As the artist describes, for me the best work is made when I am fearless”. The results are stimulating, uplifting and thought provoking.

The viewer can become absorbed in the alluring splashes of colour, collage like compositions, varied textures and energetic gestures. Translucent washes meet graphic line work, and loose gestural brushstrokes collide with areas of fine and precise detail. The sense of joy the artist had in making the piece can be felt by the viewer.

Dewhirst’s works are informed by travel and landscape, a trip to France was particularly important to the development of her recent work. These influences provide motifs such as mountains, food or birds; which she incorporates into her unique painting approach.

Dewhirst completed a BFA Honours in Fine Arts in 2013 at the University of Canterbury, and has work in the collections of the James Wallace Trust and University of Canterbury.