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Richard Lewer

Based in Melbourne, Richard Lewer exhibits regularly in Australia and New Zealand. He is known for his video and animation, paintings, and delicately beautiful drawings, which evocatively rework some of life’s less pleasant elements – crime scenes, illness, horror movies and extreme events. The work is accessible and familiar, with a critical edge that probes what is beautiful and sinister about our society without injecting a moralising tone or political message. Lewer’s focus is, however, less concerned with telling the concrete facts of a case. Instead, his work explores the way that places can become repositories for the psychic residue of extreme events, painful activities or our deepest fears. 

Lewer won the 5th Basil Sellers Art Prize in 2016, the City of Albany Art Prize in 2015, The Blake Prize in 2014 and the Black Swan Portraiture Award in 2013. He has also exhibited at Art Stage Jakarta (2016) and Art Basel Hong Kong (2016).