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Robyn Kahukiwa

Robyn Kahukiwa is a major New Zealand Maori woman artist who has made a major contribution to social and other contemporary issues surrounding her genealogy and people.
“She has painted women throughout her career ….they are powerful archetypes that we instantly recognise as representative of women in our own families and communities” states Hinemoa Hilliard in “The Art of Robyn Kahukiwa”. “Identity has also been a central theme in Kahukiwa’s work. She has continually presented and inscribed her images with the importance of whakapapa.. …”

While Kahukiwa still addresses these issues through her painting more recently she has been commissioned to illustrate several books relating to the health and welfare of her people. This has also led her to write a new publication relating to Maori Myths, Legends and Genealogy.

For the 2016 Art Fair Robyn Kahukiwa will complete large works based on “Pou Wahine”, a major mural commission which was painted for Tapu Te Rangi Marae in Wellington.