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Rohan Hartley Mills

There is an open-ended quality to the practice of Rohan Hartley Mills, whose artworks give the appearance of being fleet-footed and provisional. Rather, the artist’s focus is on rich and playful engagement with the fundamentals of abstract painting – the traditions, tools and means of application. Delighting in improvisation and the act of pushing paint around, Mills embraces the serendipities of chance and automatism, with traces of the artist’s process keenly felt. Observations and experiences from the everyday environment are utilised as the basis for painterly exercises, freely exploring drawing strategies and the qualities of colour and form.

Rohan Hartley Mills is a Melbourne-based artist. He was born in Western Austrailia and spent ten years studying and working in New Zealand before returning to Australia in 2018. He graduated with a Master of Art and Design  in Painting, with First Class Honours from the Auckland University of Technology in 2013 and has sinceexhibited throughout Australia and New Zealand. His work is represented in collections across both countries and his exhibition highlights include an evolving wall drawing for the Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts in 2014 and projects at RM gallery, St Paul Street Gallery, IWT Project Space and Second Storey.  Mills participated in the Two Rooms group exhibitionsThe Smoothing of Things(2015), Drawing Rehearsals(2016),Under Control(2018). His first solo exhibition, Jazz Plasticat Two Rooms, launched the 2019 programme. In 2017, he co-curated an international painting exhibition Materialisedwith Glen Snow at Two Rooms.