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Rohan Hartley Mills

There is a subtle quality to the art practice of Rohan Hartley Mills whose works often appear provisional, for the focus is on the fundamentals of painting – the traditional tools and the means of application. Remembered observations and experiences from the artist’s everyday environment are used as the basis for a whole series of drawings before paint is applied to canvas. These are not preliminary works however, but an exercise in freely exploring drawing strategies and the qualities of colour and form. Generally working on a small scale, acrylic paint is favoured for its quick drying time and the ease with which is allows additional layers to be rapidly added.

Rohan Hartley Mills, originally from Australia graduated in 2013 with Master of Art and Design from AUT, Auckland and has since had a solo exhibition at Te Tuhi, Auckland with Drawing Wall project, 2014. His work has been featured in exhibitions at St Pauls Gallery and he is a finalist of the 2015 National Art Awards Waikato and the 2015 Wallace Art Awards.