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Rudi Hendriatno

b. 1980, Padang – Indonesia

Studied Fine Arts at the Indonesia Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He follows Indonesia’s longtradition of creating kinetic art, as seen through his intricate and beautifully-crafted Wood Engine. Rudi’swood engine, for example, requires someone to manually generate it. He combines objects that do not commonly go together and, as such, his kinetic sculptures are objects of fantasy. The surreal combination of these objects creates both tension and humour that challenge our perception of the everyday mundane objects.

Rudi is inspired by machinery, though his medium of choice is wood. Using the malleability of wood, Rudi creates elaborate, intricately-designed, but also spontaneous wooden sculptures. Through his work, he strives to call attention to the systems and infrastructures that surround and aid human interaction. He does not believe that art is about abstract concepts, but says that art is a craft. As such, his work is rooted in lived experiences and science. d. What is more interesting is that he never creates a previous sketch or drawing before starting his works, but rather an instinctive and intuitive process.