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Sarah Hillary

Sarah Hillary has specialised in the study of historical artist technique in her position as conservator at the Auckland Art Gallery, and her painting has followed a similar path focusing on detail and art historical associations. Painting in watercolour on a variety of small supports, Hillary has examined the work of Rita Angus and Frances Hodgkins. In Betty, sections of Angus’ Portrait, Betty Curnow were reproduced on 24 pipi shells. In 2005, 27 still life in landscape paintings by Frances Hodgkins were painted on postcard sized watercolour paper forming Bright Parrot. The study of Hodgkins has led to an interest in the notion of the expatriate and the movement of ideas. Textile collections from the Victoria and Albert Museum have been a particular source of inspiration and were the basis for the work, V&As, exhibited in 2004, and Lodhi Garden in 2006. Sarah is represented by Anna Miles Gallery.