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Shaun Waugh

Shaun Waugh foregrounds the photographic medium as a primary subject,exploring a full range of it’s technical and plastic potential. Avoiding arbitrary definitions in favour of interdisciplinary tendencies, Waugh’s photographic works hover somewhere between image and object. Critically engaging with the landscape and abstract genres, Waugh mines the histories, technologies and processes though which phenomena are made visible. In this light, we may experience his practice as a dynamic mix of raw data and illusion.

Shaun Waugh completed his MFA in 2012, and is currently employed as a Senior Tutor at Massey University, Wellington. Recent exhibitions at public art galleries include; The Devil’s Blind Spot: Recent Strategies in New Zealand Photography, curated by Lara Strongman, Christchurch Art Gallery ; Emanations: The Art of the Cameraless Photograph, curated by Geoffrey Batchen, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth; The More You Know: Then and Now, Here and Nowhere, curated by Christina Barton, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington.