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Tan Vargas

“The signs and stimuli of the contemporary come fast and at the same time in my work. I attempt to present and spread before people´s eyes a reality whose elements are in a controlled state of disorder.

My recent body of work consists in pieces that explore the combination of photography and painting. I experiment with a wide range of varied topics and subjects, linked with the concept of selection and graphic compilation, producing a large body of work that is experimental and in search of conceptual diversity.

Each of the series of paintings that I’m working on unfolds as an album, an archive of found random images and a binnacle of content. This produces an unsettling vision of specific themes, where nature, science and technology interact and merge, operating as a platform that contains and displays multiple layers of meaning….

I work with silkscreen as the main technique for image transfer as it accommodates to my dynamic, fast and intuitive working pace.

I try to transcend the medium and create layered narratives that allow for multiple interpretations of images. These generate a direct and immediate thematic assimilation in the viewer, and gives way to a distinct aesthetic experience.”