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Terry Stringer

Terry Stringer is a leading New Zealand sculptor and a key figure in the history of art in New Zealand.

For decades Stringer has explored the transformation of abstract ideas into ways in which a figure can occupy space, and how “still forms” can express movement. His works appear to be in a state of continual transition, the edges deliberately blurred so that each aspect morphs into another imperceptibly.

Stringer delights in creating spatial illusions, testing the dividing line between the real and imagined. He unites multiple elements into a singular sculpture, drawing inspiration from artistic and literary sources. His work encourages the viewer to explore the series of subjects within one sculpture from different perspectives, providing a truly multi-faceted experience.

Working predominately in bronze, the majority of Stringer’s sculptures depict figures and still-life subjects. Allusions to his interest in classical antique art and literature can be seen, along with the influence of cubism displayed in Stringer’s faceting and juxtaposition of form.

Throughout his career Terry Stringer has exhibited extensively, with solo shows in Auckland, Sydney, Los Angeles and London. He is represented in major public collections, including the Auckland and Christchurch Art Galleries, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa and the Alexander Turnbull Library. His contribution to New Zealand art was acknowledged in 2003, when he was awarded an ONZM.

On 10th November this year, Terry Stringer and Ann Robinson will be exhibiting a body of new works at ARTIS Gallery.