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Tim Maguire

Tim Maguire investigates the insubstantial, the ephemeral, the fragile and the fugitive in his painting practice. He utilizes his ‘colour separation’ technique whereby radiant layers of yellow, magenta and cyan are thinly applied sequentially, each layer being splashed with solvents before it dries. By making each layer of paint translucent, Maguire seeks to make his painting process transparent so that every gesture and mark is visible, the paint hovering and glowing like luminous dew drops on petals. These new paintings are reflections on water, water lilies, and close ups of almond blossom. They are painted with his characteristic thin veils of glazed colour which allow the underlying white canvas to illuminate the works. The title is also evoked in new series of pigment prints produced in Paris, which depict fading light and evening skies criss-crossed by the trails of passing jet planes, symbols of human migration and fugitive time.