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Viky Garden

Viky Garden’s paintings embody a concentrated 25-year artistic practice in which she has fixed her gaze (and ours) on the image reflected back in the mirror.

Garden is preoccupied with figures in isolation. There is a compelling improvisational quality to her new work, “I stopped painting for a couple of months at the end of 2015. I did this previously in 2012, dissecting my process, which ushered in a more informal, looser style. Because I work in solitude, it’s important to challenge myself, to take risks, so I decided to switch from oils to acrylics – a different medium and a whole new ball-game”.

Detail is not part of the painting process; even the titles signify only the month each painting was created, preserving their ambiguity. In these new works, Garden continues to explore her own intuitive personal, emotional, and philosophical landscape.

These highly expressive yet modest portraits consider impermanence, transition, and the inevitability of change; themes that offer a framework to explore personal and universal aspects of the female experience.