Peter Adsett

Friday 18 Nov 2.30pm
Saturday 19 Nov 1.30pm
Sunday 20 Nov 1.30pm

Location: Aotearoa Art Fair, PAULNACHE

Addressing himself to the question: “how does a non-Indigenous person respond to place without picturing it,” Adsett produced a decade of “land” paintings. Eventually abstraction provided the answer. Nowadays, he is assured in his practice, and even a little defiant. Explaining the motivation of the Brushwork series, painted at Ilparpa in September, Adsett wrote: I wanted to address this space through process and abstraction, which in my practice is always a  discourse, or a ground, for dialogue. There is an area in cultural discourse today that is off limits, and as a result, the relationship of shared knowledge that non-Aboriginal people have had with Aboriginal people over many years, is sometimes ignored.