Telly Tuita

Friday 3 March 3:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Bergman Gallery

Bergman Gallery represented artist Telly Tuita will speak to his latest series The Immortal Tango of Love & War debuting at the Aotearoa Art Fair. 

Based in Wellington for the past seven years,  Tuita was born in Tonga in 1980 and immigrated to Sydney at age nine. Living in Australia for most of his life, Tuita’s disconnect from his Tongan heritage and complex relationship with his immediate surround has long informed his practice, self described as ‘Tongpop’ 

Tongpop is Tuita’s aesthetic, born from the artist’s love of modern packaging products  fused with traditional Tongan Ngatu patterns, Gods and historical western iconography. His large, detailed works navigate the complexities of home, identity and his lived experience. 

Please join us for an engaging conversation with artist Telly Tuita.