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Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

Te Uru has its roots in West Auckland, but has a global mindset. It aims to present contemporary visual art and design programmes that inspire, engage and challenge. Te Uru operates from an award-winning, purpose-built building in the recently re-opened Lopdell Precinct. It was first opened in 1986 as Lopdell House Gallery, sited in the historic Lopdell House in the heart of Titirangi; a gateway to the Waitakere rain forest and enroute to Auckland’s famous west coast beaches. Visit Te Uru for extraordinary exhibitions, exceptional architecture and spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Te Uru will have three different editions available at the Auckland Art Fair. Commissioned especially, we launch a new edition of five unique drawings by Janet Lilo, whose first solo survey exhibition, Status Update, opens at Te Uru on Saturday 28th May. From our recent Surface Movements Te Pihaproject, a set of custom red ‘rash’ vests were produced for participants to use in a free surf lesson and then displayed at Te Uru alongside video documentation – a limited number of these are now available for purchase. Surface Movements is an ongoing series of performance art projects that experiment with the format of a surf lesson using a coastal context in to provide participants with an experience of the oceanic environment that connects them to local political, economic, cultural and ecological contexts. We also have limited edition prints by Charlotte Graham and Haru Sameshima, commissioned in 2014 in collaboration with the Kauri Project collective to link five artists (also Philip Kelly, Natalie Robertson and Tessa Laird) with researchers and iwi using art as a tool for activism and education, to encourage a deeper knowledge of the social, cultural and historical value of kauri and of potential impacts of kauri dieback.

Alex Monteith, Surface Movements Te Piha