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Malcolm Smith Gallery

Malcolm Smith Gallery will open its doors in June this year. A contemporary art space for the eastern suburbs of Auckland, the newly designed building is located in Howick. The gallery will form part of a creative cluster at Uxbridge Arts and Culture, which also includes a theatre for performances and cinema and studios for courses in painting, pottery, and more.

Four artists have been invited by Malcolm Smith Gallery to create a unique series of works for this year’s Auckland Art Fair. The title, Impressions, means to be marked, moved or stamped by something. It is also a play on the ‘artist’s impression’ of an architectural draft, which are often commissioned to give a visual tracing of concepts and objects that cannot be seen otherwise, whether they be too big, too small, in the past, in the future, fictional, or abstract. This series of artworks is about how the Gallery’s new architecture impresses itself on the artists, and in turn, how the artists respond to the new building and its surroundings. 

Philippa Emery, Impressions -1, 2016