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Art fair talks: an art fair talk

The talk is now a standard offering at art fairs all around the world. What is the purpose of these talks? Is it to learn the secret language of the art world? Is it to better understand the contexts in which artists and galleries are working? Is it to learn if “the curator has replaced the art historian”? Or is it simply to discover a new idea or an artist you might have never come across? Perhaps it is all of these things.

In this meta-talk, Pacific Real Time curators Jarrod Rawlins (MONA, Hobart) and Simon Rees (Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth) will discuss a variety of issues surrounding art fairs and art fair talks with Alexie Glass-Kantor (Artspace, Sydney), curator of the Encounters sector of Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016. Come armed with your questions.

Image: Alexie Glass-Kantor. Photograph by Zan Wimberley.



Mezzanine, The Cloud