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ELLIOTT EYES COLLECTION People’s Choice Award to Terry Stringer at ARTIS Gallery (A1)

The ELLIOTT EYES COLLECTION PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR 2017 will be awarded to the artist TERRY STRINGER for his numerous bronze sculptures within the collection. His skill and mastery of design allow the viewer to be amazed with many varied aspects to be seen on any one work. As you walk around his sculptures you may see a hand, face, figure, rose etc all incorporated within the one artwork. Two major works feature in the collection with “A Matter of Perspective” (2m tall) installed in the front garden of the house while “The Wrestlers” (2.4m tall) stands proudly in the lounge.

You are all invited to attend the presentation of this award to Terry Stringer at the ARTIS Gallery booth at the Auckland Art Fair on Friday, 25th May at 6.00 pm. Both Gordon Elliott (collection owner) and the artist Terry Stringer will be there to talk briefly about his work and their importance within the collection. ARTIS gallery will also have works by Terry Stringer available for sale during the Art Fair.

This talk will take place during the Art Party on Friday 25 May. Buy tickets to enjoy late night access to the Fair with artists, DJs and a cash bar – and attend the presentation of the ELLIOTT EYES COLLECTION PEOPLE’S CHOICE FOR 2017.

Image: the ELLIOTT EYES COLLECTION Loungeroom featuring works by Terry Stringer “The Wrestlers” Euan Macleod “Thor” Todd Fuller “Pinkie” & “Lust” Jim Cooper “Ted”



ARTIS Gallery (A1)