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Lottie Consalvo at DOMINIK MERSCH GALLERY (B8)

Lottie Consalvo is a Newcastle-based artist working across painting, performance, video, photography and sculpture. Through earthy tones and broad, commanding brush strokes, Consalvo approaches turning points in abstract paintings. Each work marks out the rise and fall of psychological and transitional points of no return, lending each of them a physical presence. Her gestural style also has a performative element to it, drawing upon her earlier endurance pieces based on longing, desire and loss, which saw her selected for a residency with Marina Abramovic in 2015. In her current solo exhibition ‘In the Remembering’ at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Consalvo combines painting, performance and sculpture to invite meditation on the structure of memory.



Dominik Mersch Gallery (B8)